Angela Lenman Batik
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Experiments in Batik

What is Batik?

Batik is a means of creating a pattern or picture on cloth by covering part of the surface with melted wax, using a brush or special applicator called a canting, and then dyeing the cloth which can be applied using a brush or by dipping in a dye bath.  The waxed parts will resist the dye and remain white, whilst the unprotected parts take the colour.   


This process is then repeated and each time new areas of the cloth are waxed. All the waxed parts of the fabric resist the dye, resulting in a multi-coloured cloth or picture almost completely covered in wax. 


Part of the charm of batik, is that it very often includes a fine criss-crossing of dark lines. This is achieved by lightly creasing the waxed fabric at some stage during the process, usually in the final stage, allowing the dye to penetrate the resulting cracks. 


When the batik is completed, the wax is removed by ironing, boiling, dry cleaning or a combination of these processes and is ready to be framed. It could also  be worn or sewn into, depending on the project.


HomeAbout MeWhat is Batik?Origins of BatikExhibitions & WorkshopsGallery